About Us

About Us

We are a private, specialized husband-wife team that assist those with chronic conditions including autoimmunity, improve their health through natural medicine!

We decided to form our practice after several of Dr. Camille’s internships and internships, when she realized that the standard healthcare practice (7.5-minute patient visits followed by a prescription for a drug) did not match well with her belief that the body can usually heal itself naturally.

Combined with Bret’s knowledge of and passion for ancestral health, we decided that starting our own practice would allow us the freedom to share our message with the world: You don’t have to succumb to the common notion that ill health comes with age! You CAN reclaim control of your health! And you can do it by simply committing to lifestyle changes and natural remedies that allow your body to respond, react, and perform the way it WANTS to.

Dr. Camille McClellan-After graduating from medical school with her MD degree, Dr. McClellan found that many of her patients in her internship were being over medicated. More importantly, the root cause of many of these health problems were being masked or suppressed. She decided to enter an Integrative medicine program for health professions. Later she completed a 3-year homeopathic program.

Bret McClellan-Being a scientist, I was certain that there were completely logical explanations for both of our health conditions. I simply could not accept the ubiquitous “You’re just getting old” excuse with its subsequent prescription drug regimens. Little did I realize that this new lifestyle would quickly become my passion in the years to come. I became obsessed and absorbed with all things Paleo, and began advising friends and acquaintances on their nutrition, to great effect.


We’ve been there. We’ve personally suffered from the autoimmune conditions, weight issues, and digestive problems that have now become modern-day epidemics, and we’ve taken the path to natural health successfully. We’ve helped many others take control of their health and reduce or eliminate their dependence on prescription medications. And we’re certain that we can help more!


Our purpose and goal is to get you healthy, naturally mentally, emotionally and physically. We found that returning to a natural, alternative, holistic approach yields far greater results! Who would’ve thought that in the complexity of today’s healthcare system, simplicity is still the answer?! Your solution may be much more attainable than you’ve been led to believe.

All the best,

Camille and Bret McClellan


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