Pain and Inflammation

Pain and Inflammation

Fibromyalgia is a very difficult condition to diagnose and to pinpoint exactly what is the root cause of the symptoms, especially when the individual has more than one symptom or chronic condition. If you suffer from fibromyalgia you’re more likely to also suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome or another autoimmune condition.

The main issue is that the root of the cause is never really identified and most sufferers tend to be women who are constantly turned away at doctor’s offices with their questions unanswered. One of the most common symptoms of this condition is generalized pain throughout the body. Pain can be an ache, throbbing pain, stabbing pain or burning sensation that is felt throughout the entire body, especially in areas of the neck, buttocks and back.

Beside having generalized pain and stiffness in the body, here are some other common symptoms you may be suffering from if you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia:

1. chronic fatigue: remember to always keep your stress levels to a minimum. Try to get out and exercise by completing light walks rather than over-exercising. Remember to stay hydrated so you can maintain your vital energy throughout the day.

2. Insomnia: it’s very common for those except with fibromyalgia to experience sleep problems. Make sure that your mattress on your is very comfortable for sleeping and that your pillow is not prompt at an angle to increase neck and back pain. Always try to avoid consuming stimulants before bedtime that might keep you up, such as caffeine and alcohol.

3. Brain fog: this is also a very common symptom related to people suffering with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia brain fog can lead to anxiety, stress and frustration around not being able to concentrate for long periods of time. It’s important to get a good night’s sleep, and stimulate the brain by completing reading exercises, quizzes, crosswords and puzzles to train the brain in order to reduce memory fog for sustained deeper and periods longer concentration.

4. Anxiety, stress and mood swings: since fibromyalgia has many unexplained symptoms you may suffer with anxiety and stress around coping with the symptoms on a regular basis. Oftentimes these emotional responses are linked to nerve endings that are stimulated by a gentle touch to the body. Keeping your emotions in check can significantly reduce the levels of anxiety and stress around your fibromyalgia.

5. Headaches: those who suffer with headaches are often due to tension or migraine headaches. Is important to consume the right foods that can keep you hydrated. Consuming magnesium daily can also benefit individuals who suffer from headaches.

What is so fantastic today is that you can actually benefit from natural, alternative approaches that can assist you in so many ways rather than compounding the problem without actually getting positive results around your generalized pain. Here are just a few natural alternative approaches that can actually improve your symptoms, if you suffer from fibromyalgia:

Reflexology: A study was conducted where subjects with intense pain who were between the ages of 18 to 70 years old. They received sessions of reflexology for over 6 weeks for a total of 12 60 minutes sessions. Data was collected for over 10 months. Patience means score of their pain was decreased progressively over time within a six-week period.

Reflexology is a wonderful modality that many individuals tend to forget that can actually alleviate their overall pain. Proof of this practice dates back all the way to China 3000 bc. The Incas and the Native Americans may have also introduced reflexology to North and South America.

Reflexology zones are located on the hands, feet, fingers and toes, ears, teeth and tongue. These particular zones or points are connected to main organs in the body through meridians which help increase circulation, reduce pain through nerve endings and reduces stress levels.

Arnica Montana: This is a homeopathic remedy that can help relieve pain episodes in the muscles and joints. Homeopathy treats conditions by diluting the substance. However, most homeopathic products are not considered herbal remedies though many people confuse the two alternative medicines.

The laws of homeopathy show that symptoms can be improved through strengthening the vital force. When it comes to pain homeopathic remedies like arnica topical or liquid tinctures can be prescribed to alleviate pain and stiffness for fibromyalgia pain.

Many people who use these products are not aware they may be homeopathic and do not understand the potencies and dilutions around homeopathy. A topical such as arnica homeopathic can alleviate pain and stiffness related to fibromyalgia symptoms.

Tai Chi: Tai Chi is an ancient practice from China that involves slow movement of the body through a series of poses. If you suffer from fibromyalgia symptoms this practice can really be beneficial to you for your pain, stiffness and other symptoms around your condition. A study in the New York Journal of Medicine was completed.

It showed that 60 minutes of Tai Chi class can improve your symptoms if done twice a week over a 3 months period. Tai Chi has been shown to improve sleep quality, depression, anxiety, and the quality of life around fibromyalgia pain management.

Lobelia Inflata: This plant can be used in herbal and homeopathic medicines. It is a vasomotor stimulant and it is often used as an expectorant for mucus in the respiratory tract. It can also be used to help alleviate pain around fibromyalgia. Lobelia can be applied topically to relieve muscle pain, sprains, bruises and other painful symptoms.

Individualized/specialized care around your fibromyalgia conditions should be your ultimate goal when it comes to finding out the root cause of your chronic condition. When you take a deeper look into what is really affecting you on an emotional, mental and physical level you can then finally tap into the true understanding of your fibromyalgia symptoms.

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