Don’t Wait Around for a Heart Attack…

..or a stroke, cancer, diabetes, autoimmunity, arthritis, gout or any of the other various modern day maladies plaguing society today! 

You need to start living a healthy life NOW, in order to PREVENT such problems!

For most people, it takes the cold slap of reality to motivate them into a lifestyle change. Other more clairvoyant people will take the initiative and try to preclude the onset of illness by taking precautionary measures. 

The very BEST of such precautionary measures is quite simple: Just eat right! As I’ve already mentioned countless times, your digestive tract is the very 

FOUNDATION of your health, comprising about 80% of your immune system. The concept and logic are simple, but the execution can be difficult for some. Willpower is the key: Either eat right now and live healthy; or don’t, and pay the consequences later. And those consequences can be quite severe.

I was recently playing golf with some lifelong friends of mine when a couple of them broke out with their lunch – ham and cheese sandwiches on white bread. 

When they noticed my disapproving look, one of them said, “I don’t believe this is bad for you.” 

Having known this particular friend for over 3 decades, I shrugged, knowing full well that no facts, studies, or expert opinions would change his viewpoint.

I’ve encountered many such people in my quest to spread the word on ancestral health – people who will simply continue their unhealthy habits in the face of mountains of evidence demonstrating the potential consequences of those actions. 

They just WILL… NOT… LISTEN. Those people are very easy for me to spot now, and although I used to try my best to get through to them, ultimately it always turned out to be an exercise in futility. 

Unfortunately I’ve had to make peace with the fact that they will continue to live their lives blissfully ignorant of the imminent suffering that they are potentially causing themselves – and their family members, for that matter. That is, until they have a serious health event like a heart attack or a stroke. By then, obviously, it could be too late.

Cardiovascular events (heart attacks, strokes) take decades to develop, meaning that unless you’ve been living healthily for most of those years, you are constantly adding to your risk of such an event at a microscopic level. 

Decades of microscopic accumulation, by definition, can then add up to a macroscopic cardiovascular event. However, living a healthy lifestyle such as the ancestral lifestyle we recommend, can reduce your risk by reducing or even causing regression of the arterial plaque accumulated over those decades.

Another top killer plaguing society today is cancer. 

The link between chronic inflammation and cancer is very well established. In fact, as I’ve mentioned many times before, chronic, systemic inflammation is linked to so many health problems today that we consider it the root of all health evils. 

However, apart from injuries, inflammation within your body (especially within your gut) can often be difficult to detect, and can even be asymptomatic at a superficial level. 

It’s usually not until late in the game, when you’ve unknowingly lived for decades with systemic inflammation, that chronic disease rears its ugly head through obvious symptoms, prompting you to go to the doctor for diagnosis. Again, by then it may be too late.

In other words, all of the above problems CONCLUDE with the manifestation of symptoms severe enough for diagnosis! And you’ll only gain that diagnosis if you’re lucky enough to LIVE THROUGH THE SYMPTOMS!

I’ll give you a car analogy: Would you wait until your car overheats and starts smoking before you change the oil? Of course not. By the time it starts smoking, you’ve already done major damage to the engine. So you change the oil regularly, for preventive maintenance. Your health is no different.

It’s obvious that if you want to live an optimally healthy life, and give yourself the very best odds of never having to deal with chronic, degenerative disease, you need to get started living a healthy life NOW, for preventative maintenance! 

After all, who doesn’t want to live as healthy and as long as they possibly can?! It’s up to YOU to make the commitment to change your lifestyle NOW, while you CAN, before you experience problems severe enough for you to have to go to the doctor.

If you want a jumpstart on living healthy, I invite you to contact us and set up your FREE initial consultation. Sure, you can take it all on by yourself, surfing through the internet and finding all sorts of conflicting, confusing information, but the best way to get started is to have a health advocate in your corner.

One who has years of experience and knowledge already at his/her fingertips, with PROVEN results. Invest in yourself and gain a major health advantage now!

Bret McClellan

Certified Primal Blueprint Expert

McClellan Natural Health, Wellness & Nutrition

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