Our Story

Our Passion for Your Health

Are you tired of pursuing health alone? Would you like extra support from experts? What are you truly seeking with respect to your health and well-being? Is autoimmunity or other chronic conditions on the top of your list of health issues? We understand the struggle of obtaining optimal health and the frustration of medications that adversely affect it.

You may be looking for some completely natural, gentle and safe alternative ways into improve your health so you can live your life to the fullest. We specialize in helping you identify your own unique issues, and we’ll give you individualized care in naturopathic, integrative and functional medicine for autoimmune and other chronic health improvement. We’ll also hold you accountable for your actions, since time is of the essence for women’s health.

We decided to form our practice after several of Dr. McClellan’s internships and externships, when she realized that the standard healthcare practice (7.5-minute patient visits followed by a prescription for a drug) did not match well with her belief that the body can usually heal itself naturally.

Combined with Bret’s knowledge of and passion for ancestral health, we decided that starting our own practice would allow us the freedom to share our message with the world: You don’t have to succumb to the common notion that ill health comes with age! You CAN reclaim control of your health! And you can do it by simply committing to lifestyle changes and natural remedies that allow your body to respond, react, and perform the way it WANTS to.

We’ve been there. We’ve personally suffered from the autoimmune conditions, weight issues, and digestive problems that have now become modern-day epidemics, and we’ve taken the path to natural health successfully. We’ve helped many others take control of their health and reduce or eliminate their dependence on prescription medications. And we’re certain that we can help more!

Dr. Camille and Bret McClellan

McClellan Natural Health, Wellness & Nutrition
“Getting to the Root Cause with Individualized Specialized Care”

Dr. Camille McClellan, MD, ND, DNM, PhD, MBS

I have been utilizing naturopathic and homeopathic therapies since childhood, as my mother is a homeopath and herbalist. Therefore, I have consistently used various types of alternative medicines throughout my life. Growing up in this environment created a spark of curiosity to delve deeper into studying alternative medicine in greater detail. As such, alternative medicine was not only a way of life, but it became my profession. I have extensive experience in both conventional (allopathic) and alternative medicine.

Soon after graduating from medical school as an MD (medical doctor). I studied naturopathic curricula, where I obtained a Naturopathic Doctorate/Integrative Medicine.

I also graduated from a three a year program in Classical Homeopathy – my true passion and specialty – at American Medical College of Homeopathy which is now a part of Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture (PIHMA). I am entirely devoted to our clients and their well-being.


  •  MD, Xavier University School of Medicine
  • Medical training and clinical rotations in many specialties in Georgia in large hospitals and private settings
  • MA, Advances Medical Assistant program, and CA/ medical residency externship program (more extensive clinical medical experience)
  • PIHMA- at American Medical College of Homeopathy, 3 yr. program
  • DNM, PhD in Naturopathy/Integrative Medicine degree
  • Completed a PhD research dissertation in Integrative Medicine-The Role Intestinal Inflammation plays on the body as it relates to Integrative Medicine and the Five Pillars of Health
  • MBS, Masters in Biomedical Science from Barry University, FL
  • BS, Biology St. Thomas University, FL

Certifications and Training

  • Certified Doctorate by the Boards of Integrative Medicine and Natural Medicine
  • Certification in Homeopathy for three years
  • Certification in Medical Assistant, Advances Medical Assistant program
  • Chamberlain School of Nursing-completed all sciences courses for more knowledge and foundation, Atlanta, GA
  • Certification in Herbalism, Hormonology and Homotoxicology

Bret McClellan, Primal Health Coach

I’ve always had a passion for science and how it should shape spirituality. This passion led me to obtaining my Bachelor Degree in Geology – the rationale being that if I understood how the earth works, then I could gain a better understanding of how life (and thus mankind) propagated and succeeded on this beautiful planet. From there, I would have a strong base upon which to build a logical, spiritual relationship with the universe.

Part of my coursework included historical paleontology, which details how life grew and changed through time. I found this subject particularly fascinating, and throughout my career in the environmental field I continually enjoyed learning more and more about it, though it played a very minimal role in my profession and I was unsure about how I would ever utilize that sort of information. Enter the ancestral health movement. However, let’s backtrack a bit first…

Years ago I went to the doctor complaining of occasional severe pains in my right foot. The pain would occur instantaneously, and disappear equally as fast, like a bolt of lightning. An X-ray revealed bone spurs, and when I asked the doctor why I was apparently susceptible to them, he replied that it was likely due to arthritis setting in at my age. I was in my mid-30s at the time, and this was an entirely unacceptable explanation to me, having been an athlete and in good shape throughout my years. Not long afterwards, during an annual physical exam, my doctor told me that my cholesterol was borderline high. Since both of my parents died relatively young due to cardiovascular problems, he prescribed a precautionary statin drug for me. When I asked why my cholesterol was high, he responded that it’s typical with increasing age. I was around 40 at the time, and this was another entirely unacceptable explanation. Not knowing any better, I began a daily statin regimen.

Shortly thereafter I met a particularly intelligent and beautiful woman, Camille, who, would eventually become my wife. Camille was experiencing inexplicable digestive issues severe enough that she could hardly eat even a small portion of a meal. Since standard medical practitioners could not determine the cause, she was prescribed proton pump inhibitors and given the designation of an IBS sufferer with chronic reflux.

Being a scientist, I was certain that there were completely logical explanations for both of our health conditions. I simply could not accept the ubiquitous “You’re just getting old” excuse with its subsequent prescription drug regimens. However, not being versed in health or nutrition at the time, I found myself at a loss for adequate and accurate alternative explanations.

Then I heard an interview with Robb Wolf on one of my favorite podcasts. During the interview, he rattled off virtually every single symptom that both Camille and I had been experiencing for the last few years, and mentioned that improper nutrition was likely the root cause. After reading his book, The Paleo Solution, we immediately implemented the Paleo Diet and, at the risk of sounding like a zealot or cheesy infomercial salesman, we experienced miraculous results virtually overnight. Camille no longer uses prescription PPIs, and I no longer take the statin. In fact, 3 months after going Paleo, after reviewing my expanded blood lipid panel my doctor stated, “You have the blood of an 18-year old.”

Little did I realize that this new lifestyle would quickly become my passion in the years to come. I became obsessed and absorbed with all things Paleo, and began advising friends and acquaintances on their nutrition, to great effect. We have seen such incredible results from the people we’ve advised that I made it my personal mission to positively affect the health of as many people as possible with the time that I have left on this planet. To that end, I decided to become a Certified Primal Blueprint Expert to attain the depth of knowledge required for such an endeavor.

Alas, there IS something to this ancestral health movement. It is rooted solidly in science, and (at least for me) is deeply gratifying and therefore spiritual. I finally found my calling. Now let us help you reclaim your health, naturally!