Platinum (6-month) Naturopathic Support Package:

The Platinum Package is for clients who need the most help. Particularly bad health problems simply cannot be solved overnight – it takes a lot of time, and a lot of testing. The people who choose this package already know that, and are deeply committed to the long trek. For that reason, you receive everything in the Silver and Gold Packages, plus the bonus tools and information described below. It will usually take more time for you to complete a “cleanse and reset,” since your immune system isi quite compromised. Therefore, you need more time for consultations, testing and additional evaluations. It can take several rounds of testing, so we have allotted 180 days to narrow down the underlying issues. We’ve been able to resolve very problematic autoimmune and other health conditions in that time frame by rebuilding and strengthening the immune system, but some cases can take longer. That’s why Platinum clients receive the best value of all of our Packages.