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McClellan Natural Health provides a new, unique level of service to personalized healthcare. We work with you individually, providing you with the information and plans you need to better understand and remedy your conditions.

Autoimmune Health

Have you struggled with an autoimmune condition for years? Well, you're not alone! Autoimmune conditions affect far more women than men. You are a woman of strength and perseverance. You know what it's like to suffer in silence. You understand your body's pain threshold, so it's a matter of taking control of your own destiny. There are times in your life when you must go for help when you need it. However, for most women suffering with an autoimmune condition, often times family and friends seem distant since it's hard for them to relate to your health issues. Pain, bowel...


Allergies is one of the most common health conditions today that can be assisted with natural medicine. Find out more and sign up for a free consult today: www.bit.ly/MNHsession.

Food sensitivities

When we talk about sensitivities not many people understand the true nature of the immune system and how it reacts, especially when the body is unfamiliar with particular foods.  Food allergies, including specific food intolerance, has caught the eye of many integrative practitioners today. The main reason for this is that many of our foods are not created equal. Knowledge is always the key to understanding your body. One way to help fight inflammation in the body is by reading current information about such matters. Food intolerances have been around for a very long time. However, the immune system and...


An increase in Anxiety and depression can affects one's daily life. A more alternative medicine approach to health is established through the whole body connection. 


Detoxification simple means to "cleanse the blood." The removal of toxins are eliminated through the skin, kidneys, liver, lings and the lymphatic system. Detoxification works by addressing the important needs of the smallest units of human life which are individual cells. Symptoms in which you may need a detox program: Unexplained fatigue Headaches Sluggish elimination Cravings Irritated skin Nausea Allergies Feeling stressed Low-grade infection Disturbed sleep patterns Puffy eyes or bags under the eyes Stiffened joints Bloating

Women’s Health

Women's health: In today's modern world we live in the stress if life, work kids and family life can really get in the way of your health. For women it's become even harder to get that added balance in life that's needed to maintain a healthier life. Hormones and other underlying disease states MUST be addressed. In alternative medicine we dig deep at a cellular level for the root cause of your disease state. If you've been suffering with any women's health conditions, then natural/holistic medicine can get to the root cause of your health conditions. We specialize in women’s...

Chronic Conditions

We focus solely on most chronic disease that have lasted longer than 3-6 months. With special care to our clients which have come to us to address their needs have seen significant improvements in their overall health. Do You Suffer From: Tossing and turning in bed, or trouble sleeping Depression/Anxiety due to your illness Intensifying headaches/migraines Digestive disorders Stiffened or painful joints Neurologic disorders Immunodeficiencies Lyme disease Parasitic, bacterial, fungal Infection Consistent weight problems Low energy and lack of concentration Frequent infections Breathlessness after what should be an easy exercise Food or environmental sensitivities Dizziness or balance problems More Americans...