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Primal Lifestyle

Nothing makes sense except through the eyes of our ancestors.

Yes, I’ve generalized a famous quotation for my own purposes, realizing that my clients need a perspective for lifestyle changes regardless of their personal belief Quality Health Supplements from Thorne, Metagenics, Biotics and More at Competitive Prices! Click here!

After all, everyone can agree that we have ancestors, right? And there is no evidence that our paleolithic ancestors had diabesity, cancer, autoimmunity, cardiovascular disease, or any of the epidemics plaguing modern society today. In fact, quite the opposite.

Thousands of years ago our ancestors were lean, mean, fighting machines. Athletic and healthy, they were an absolutely PERFECT fit for their environment, which is why they took over the very top spot on the food chain.

Let me repeat that: They were an absolutely PERFECT fit for their environment. Which means that our bodily systems are likewise perfect, including our digestive system – the very foundation of our immune system.

It is therefore my obligation to convey that entire concept to my clients, so that they can easily adopt a new mindset and/or attitude shift that greatly affects their well-being.

To convey that concept to as many people as possible, short, sweet and simple sound bites always work best. So the sound bite I always use to impart the message is:

Colostrum fortifies your body with a small army of defenders

Nothing makes sense except through the eyes of our ancestors.

The concept applies to virtually everything I teach my clients, including:

  • How to get proper sleep
  • What supplements to take, and when
  • How and when to exercise
  • What to eat
  • What NOT to eat
  • Much, much more

In short, our ancestors had life down to a science. They were as healthy as possible for human beings, and we need to emulate them if we want optimal health. So, when you have questions regarding – but not limited to – any of the above bullet points, think through them logically, and remember:

Nothing makes sense except through the eyes of our ancestors. 

Coach Bret

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