Individual Sessions

We realize that many may not have the time or resources for committing to the time-based programs described above. However, it is our mission in life to positively affect the lives of as many people as we can by educating them on the benefits of natural health. It is our core belief that we can all achieve optimal health naturally with the right information and guidance. That’s why we offer all of the free information and content on our website and through social media. For those that need more personalized, individual help, we also offer individual sessions with our professionals. The Initial Intake Consultations typically take a few hours to collect the relevant information from you regarding your specific health history and main complaints. Follow-up consultations are shorter (about an hour), since we’ll be more familiar with your circumstances and symptoms, and will be more equipped to evaluate progress and make further recommendations. Our rates for the individual sessions are as follows:

  • Initial Naturopathic Intake Consultations
  • Follow-Up Naturopathic Consultations
  • Initial Nutritional/Lifestyle Consultations
  • Follow-Up Nutritional/Lifestyle Consultations