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McClellan Natural Health provides a new, unique level of service to personalized healthcare. We work with you individually, providing you with the information and plans you need to better understand and remedy your conditions. Usually, in today’s standard practices, patients receive a very limited amount of time with their healthcare professionals, and then walk out of the doctor’s office with more questions than answers.

With us, clients receive a lengthy intake consultation with naturopathic and nutritional experts, and unlimited follow-up consultations via teleconference, telephone, or email for the duration of their program. In other words, we spend as much time with you as you need, based on the program package of your choice, for no extra cost!

From the intake consultation forward, we provide each client with a specific, individualized plan for implementation of a solid foundation of health (including diet and exercise). We then supplement that foundation with alternative health modalities such as naturopathy, herbal remedies, homeopathy, and much more, depending on each client’s individual needs and conditions.

We realize that your time is limited, so we obsess on your health issues for you, researching the latest information on your conditions and helping you understand the possible underlying causes. Standard doctors are keenly focused on symptom suppression through pharmaceuticals, but your condition is NOT caused by a drug deficiency! So we provide you with the specific information that you need, such as what those underlying causes could be; what to test for; what to have your standard doctor test for; and then we help you understand your results. Based on those results, we provide you with the tools and resources to track your progress, and we support you through your journey to natural health by tweaking your individualized plan accordingly.

We don’t advise that you fire your regular doctor – standard medicine certainly has its place in today’s healthcare environment. Instead, we recommend that you utilize us as your health advocate, working with your doctor through you! After all, this is YOUR life, and you deserve ALL of the answers, and ALL of the possible solutions!​

McClellan Natural Health knows that each client is unique. Since some clients are in worse health than others, we offer time-based programs geared specifically to improving each individual’s health concerns. To determine which program is best for you, read the descriptions below. We also understand that not everyone can invest the time and/or money for these programs, so in order to accommodate these people and still assist as many as we can, we offer individual sessions at a reduced rate. However, investing in your health is the single most important decision you can make in your life. Therefore, the time-based packages are the programs with the best value, since individual follow-up consultations can add up over time to exceed the price of the packages described below.

Silver (1-month) Naturopathic Support Package

The Silver Package allows time for the initial intake consultations, collection of relevant health information,...

Gold (3-month) Naturopathic Support Package:

The Gold Package is our most popular package, because it allows more time for additional...

Platinum (6-month) Naturopathic Support Package:

The Platinum Package is for clients who need the most help. Particularly bad health problems...

Individual Sessions

We realize that many may not have the time or resources for committing to the...