Dare to Be Wrong

Dare to Be Wrong!

Being wrong is good science. Think about it: How many times did the Wright brothers get it wrong before they got it right (pardon the puns)? Elon Musk? Thomas Edison? These and innumerable others have much in common: They got it wrong many many more times than they got it right. And each time they got it wrong, they learned something from it… progressed from it… moved on from there, and eventually good things happened.

Let the Missteps Guide you

So, strangely, every one of the wrong decisions or hypotheses that those people ever produced actually turned out to be the RIGHT decisions because of their eventual success. Each step, no matter how misplaced, resulted in something great, making the whole process, inclusive of all failures, a success. That is precisely how science SHOULD work.

Polarized Opinions

But in this day of extreme polarization, it’s exceedingly rare that you hear contrary opinions from a place of objectivity. In fact, I struggle to find ANY objectivity with respect to virtually any topic these days:

  • Republican or Democrat?
  • Religious denomination? 
  • Vegetarian, omnivore, or carnivore?

With any of those topics, say the wrong thing and you’re persecuted by those with alternative opinions – not facts, mind you, but opinions – which by definition cannot be wrong. Let’s progress out of that silliness and into conversation.

Practice Flagrant Contrariness

Don’t be afraid to play the devil’s advocate. Take the contrary position. Make a different decision than you normally would. In other words, Dare to Be Wrong, and be flagrant about it! Beyond that, be OK with it, and be prepared to be proven wrong. Again, this is how GOOD SCIENCE is DONE! You have to present postulates, theories and hypotheses and prove them wrong in order to find what is correct. Just make sure that you’re learning from your mistakes, for if you are, then you may find that “wrong” is just a matter of perspective… Imagine that…

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