Alternatives Approaches For Hormone Replacement Therapy

There are so many hormone replacement therapies (HRT) out there on the market today. In fact, HRT’s is now a money making niche that’s becoming very popular yet many of the risk exceed the health benefits.

When we analyzed synthetic hormone replacement therapy drugs such as bioidentical hormones which are man-made hormones derived from the estrogen plants are chemically loaded with unwanted toxic products that enter the bloodstream of human body.

Estrogen and progesterone are the most commonly replaced hormones used for hormonal treatments.

They may include:

  • Gels
  • Creams
  • Pills
  • Patches
  • injections

The common synthetic hormones are Premro, provera and Premarin just to name a few. There are many other HRT medications on the market today. As we know today many of the medications for hormone balance hot flashes, insomnia, irritability or depression, vaginal dryness decreased libido and osteoarthritis. Studies even show that hormone replacement therapies medications increase the risk of breast cancer, blood clots, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Many of the synthetic hormone replacement therapy health risks may exceed the benefits many of these studies show..

Natural therapies are becoming more effective and a safe way to alleviate many menopausal symptoms. It is also becoming very popular and more physicians and recommending bio identical hormones to their patients regularly.

A safe approach should always be kept in mind since it works in conjunction with the body rather than against it. Those that support bio identical hormones claim the. It is a safe effective way to and is identical in makeup to the hormones that the body naturally produces.

On the other hand, natural alternatives for hormone replacement therapy use natural estrogen and/or natural progesterone hormones. Natural hormones are also referred to as bio identical hormones.

Using safer natural alternatives for hormone replacement therapy is recommended by numerous physicians since the body is able to receive, use and eliminate the natural hormones as needed. Most women may not need synthetic drugs with related side effects to regain health and eliminate symptoms of hormone imbalance.

As a woman ages the important hormones estrogen and progesterone changes around the age 50 years old. Estrogen and progesterone are both important for a woman’s normal menstrual monthly cycle. Estrogen is the main hormone that is active during the first 2 weeks of a woman’s menstrual flow. Once ovulation occurs progesterone then increases the next 12 to 14 days.

If pregnancy doesn’t occur then the thickening of the lining then shreds and menstruation begins. However, If there is no ovulation for that month progesterone will not be produced by the body during that cycle. If and when this occurs, this is called anovulatory cycle. This occurs very frequently as women enter their 30s and 40s.

Progesterone always acts opposite or opposes the actions of estrogen. When there is a lack of progesterone the body tends to go out of balance and many common symptoms occur. When the body isn’t getting the proper levels of hormones many symptoms begin to suggest signs of a lack of support by certain glands that secrete these hormones. Therefore, when there is a lack of progesterone oftentimes estrogen begins to decrease with age. This process causes signs and symptoms such as:

  1. Infertility
  2. Weak bones
  3. Hot flashes
  4. Depression
  5. Painful intercourse
  6. Low libido
  7. Irregular periods

As a woman ages the postmenopausal woman will eventually no longer ovulate due to a low reduction in progesterone. When a woman undergoes a hysterectomy if often produces a lack of progesterone creating hormonal imbalances which causes an array of many on desirable symptoms. However, estrogen increases at a higher rate after approximately 50 years of age.

How can a woman know more about appropriate natural alternatives for hormone replacement therapy? As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog it is important that your physician has schooling in both conventional medicine and alternative medicine. Always consult your doctor and ask many questions if possible around synthetic HRT and what alternative natural therapies are currently present that may work for your common symptoms.

Naturopathic health professionals can help restore the body’s important systems and support it by using alternative medicines and holistic techniques to get the body back in harmony. These treatments have much less side effects and the risk for aggravated symptoms are very minimum. When going to a standard conventional doctor make sure to ask for other hormonal blood test since most conventional doctors provide only standard basic tests.

There are various ways to fight back and take control of your health which can support your hormonal balance within your body. Here are four simple yet effective ways to alleviate your hormonal symptoms naturally:

  1. Controlling your stress levels: when we control our stress our bodies release less cortisol hormone. Not only affects the adrenals when it comes to chronic stress but it can also releases excess amounts of estrogen creating an array of symptoms in women.

  2. Increase muscle mass: This can be done by adding weight training to your exercise routine. Increasing the amount of weight lifted with lower repetitions can help increase muscle mass in the body, burn fat and increases bone density decreasing your chances of getting osteoporosis.
  3. A well balanced diet: I always urge many of my clients to focus on whole foods to assist in estrogen and progesterone balance. Consuming more plant-based foods can be beneficial:

1. Flax seeds
2. Fruits; apprictos, peaches, strawberries
3. Vegetables: Kale, brussel sprouts, alfalfa, yams
4. Chickpeas, Olives, olive oil
5. Dark leafy greens
6. Bananas
7. Nuts: Almond, cashews

To find out more about your health and the various symptoms you’re having is to take a simple health test online. This will give you important answers to many of your questions around your hormones and how to effectively support your hormonal symptoms.

Make sure that the online hormone test is related to women’s health. It is also important to read more about hormone imbalances, how to alleviate your symptoms naturally and to optimize your health with foods that create a balanced lifestyle.

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