The Benefits of a Health Detox for Your Overall Vitality

What is Detox? And How it can Benefit You

In today’s modern world, environmental pollution, unhealthy food chains and diets, and a number of illnesses are becoming so rampant.  

Worse is that in spite of the growing support for the development of medical facilities, thousands of people are still not aware of how it feels like to be truly healthy and full of verve and energy.  

Many are continually consuming foods that are said to be better and bigger for health, without knowing how healthy and how capable the foods are for sustaining life.  

Unfortunately, it is this constant ignorance which actually puts people to risk, with the environmental pollution and all sorts of toxic wastes entering the body through the so-called “healthy foods” we eat.

So to at least minimize the entrance of toxins in the body, experts have developed the process known as “detoxification”.  

Commonly known as “detox” for short, the process basically involves a universal approach to aiding your bodily system to lessen and eliminate toxins that typically build up in the bodily tissues.  

According to some health professionals, the process is by nature natural and occurs within the human body without enough warnings.

However, although detox is naturally occurring, there are a lot of things you can do to make the process working.   It is due to this fact that a number of detoxification plans and programs are now continually occurring.  

Detox diet plans are for instance the most popular ways of eliminating toxins.  These diet plans simply work to modify your diet for the process to work at its best.  

Detoxification is also commonly applied today with forms of juice fasting and certain rituals for colon cleansing.

Whatever method you may consider, detox involves two major systems that operate inside the body.  

The first is the so-called “antioxidation system”, and the other is the detoxification processes that occur in the liver, the second largest and the most important organ in the body.  

Both of these systems function in a way that they cooperate with the circulatory system, as well as the elimination systems.

Detoxification is important for every human being in a sense that it does not only aid the bodily systems to eliminate the harmful toxins, but it helps to make the person healthy and active.  

It is capable of rejuvenating the functioning of your liver, and for those who have experienced symptoms of bloating, the process can work wonders.  

Recent researches further revealed that detox helps the body to lose weight.  The explanation for this simply states that when detox is applied, the body has the tendency to break down and eliminate fats.  

Well, with a number of dieters stressing how effective the process is for weight loss, it is no wonder that detoxification is considered nowadays as one proven solution for weight loss.  

Detox Symptoms

The concept of detoxification has certainly taken the United States by storm. Although it was initially introduced a few decades ago, it is only recently that it has taken center stage, amid the presence and abundance of other diet and wellness programs. 

There are actually a number of celebrities who practically waxed poetic on the numerous benefits of the detoxification diet program. 

Before you scamper to the nearest market to buy those raw vegetables and organic fruits for your new diet regimen, it would be best to know more about the expected detox symptoms you will probably experience. It wouldn’t hurt to be forewarned, right?

So before you embark on this hottest diet to hit America, here are some detox symptoms that you should anticipate during the first few days on the program: 

Increased Irritability – this is quite predictable since you will be basically depriving yourself from the food products that you have liked and liked through the years.

Headaches – this can be directly linked to the anxiety you will experience from the abrupt changes in your diet. 

Fatigue – this is one of the detox symptoms that most people will undergo during the first few days. The exclusion of meat products in the diet will subsequently result in a much lower supply of energy and a much slower heart rate.

Skin Eruptions- this is a case-to-case basis. People who are more prone to skin breakouts will most probably pop out a zit or two in the first few days.

Constipation/Diarrhea – understandably, the human body will need a certain amount of time to adjust to the new types of food being introduced to it’s system

However, the above-mentioned detox symptoms can vary from one person to another, depending on his/her body’s ability to adapt to changes. 

Some people choose to entirely discard the diet altogether at the very first signs of the detox symptoms. 

It is important to keep in mind that such symptoms don’t necessarily mean that the said diet is not for you. Give your body some time to get used to the new regimen.

The detoxification diet is not intended to be followed on a long-term basis. This is mainly because the program does not contain enough nutrients that the human body would normally need. 

It can only be undertaken for a maximum of one week, purely to purify the body from harmful toxins and to lose some weight. It is simply not healthy enough to be fully adapted. 

A Simple Detox Tea

In modern societies, it’s more difficult to breathe fresh air than to expose yourself to all sorts of pollutants.  

These toxic substances when inhaled or ingested enter our bloodstream and get stored in almost every cell of our body causing them to rupture or mutate at some point in reaction to the “intruders”.  

No matter how we strive to veer away from these toxins we know are harmful for us, we can’t dismiss the fact that it is part of modern living.  

Is there an escape to this?  Unfortunately, the answer is “No” unless you’re willing to give up your dream job and live in the wilds like the middle of the Amazon or in the forests of Tanzania where you become neighbors with chimpanzees or tigers.  

But don’t sink into depression.  There are various detox methods to purge your body of toxins.

If you want to skip being a vegetarian for your entire life, drinking detox teas is an excellent means to experiencing short-term but constant body cleansing.  

Detox teas are made of natural and organic plants and herbs that have detoxifying properties.  

These herbs support proper functioning of the excretory organs: the liver, kidney, intestines, skin, and lungs.  

You can purchase detox teas available commercially or make your own.  When buying, remember to read the ingredients list so you are assured that it can help you achieve better health and not do otherwise.  Most ingredients of detox teas have holistic properties promoting optimum cleansing and health.  

Detox tea ingredients

Ingredients classified as blood purifiers are sarsaparilla root, red clover, and yellow dock.  Aside from purifying the blood, these ingredients likewise promote blood circulation and other organs.  

Milk thistle seeds and dandelion roots help protect the liver, gallbladder and spleen.  Burdock is known to neutralize and excrete toxins from the body and promotes proper functioning of the kidneys.  

Hibiscus flower is an herbal plant used in ancient Egypt to give relief to stomach ailments. Fenugreek seed supports lung functions in many ways.  Echinacea Angustifolia is a cleanser for the lymphatic system and strengthens the body’s defenses.  

Ginger root has cleansing properties for the intestines, kidneys, and skin.  Liquorice is ideal for smokers who wish to quit from the habit and it helps soothe the throat of both non-smokers and smokers.

Preparing your home-made detox tea

You can buy the above ingredients in a store to make your own tea or follow these ingredients.  To prepare, boil two quarts of water ideally in the morning to have a whole day supply.  

Add ¼ tablespoon of whole cumin, ½ tablespoon whole coriander, ½ tablespoon whole fennel in the water and steep for 10 minutes, making sure it’s covered.  

Then strain out the spices and pour into a container.  Prepare a new batch of detox tea everyday and dispose of the unconsumed ones.

Now, aren’t sure if detoxification will work for you?  The best way to find out how effective it was is to test its wonders.  But it is still best to consult the experts before you go with the process. 

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