Detoxification: 5 Simple and Effective Ways to Detox Naturally

Detoxification & chronic illness

When people have chronic illness many times the body begins to accumulate various waste products in the blood and the vital organs. This may cause the liver function to become below optimal levels.

The benefits of detoxification related to chronic illness can help lighten the toxic load that is generated over time. 

The results of a good detoxification program will improve many of your symptoms which include insomnia, fatigue, problems concentrating and lack of clarity.

Here are some  major signs that your body really needs a detox:

1. Low energy


3. Sugar cravings

4. Weight gain

5. Colds and flu symptoms

6. Skin conditions

7. Headaches

8. Lack of mental clarity

9. Depression, anxiety

10. Digestive conditions:  floating, gas

11. Mood swings

12. Nausea

13. Joint pain

Detoxes or detoxification can give the body the desired results it needs and yearns for after years of unhealthy environmental and food hazardous chemical buildup in the body.  

A healthy detox can provide the body an opportunity for the vital organs of the body a way to function better. After a detox then a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to continue cleansing the body regularly.

Times of the year to detoxify the body

Some health professionals believe that there are various seasons to start detoxing the body or all year round. 

For example the summer detox, where it’s  now turning into from spring into summer. 

It’s now becoming warm out again and people are coming from the hibernation state. 

Autumn or fall is also a time of the year to detox since we’re now going into hibernation and this is a time where we really need to strengthen the immune system. 

We do this by cleansing and detoxifying and improving the lymphatic system to help push out toxins in all the organs and circulating blood. 

A simple way to detoxify the body is through healthy foods which include organic fruits and vegetables.

Here are some simple ways to help your body detoxify naturally:

1. Infrared sauna: The benefits of using an infrared sauna is: improved sleep, alleviates joint pain, detoxification, weight loss, improves complexion and circulation throughout the body. 

The heat within the sauna benefits the inner core of your body which is felt by your skin. 

This needs to be optimal where the heat of the infrared sauna actually penetrates the skin of the body which affects sweat glands.  

It removes toxins and releases them from the fat tissue into the bloodstream which is later eliminated through the skin, digestive system and urinary tract.

2.  Eats foods of all cruciferous vegetables: Here are some  important cruciferous vegetables; broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, arugula, kale, bok choy, collard greens, turnips and watercress.  

Some people may have problems digesting raw foods so it may be beneficial to cook them for at least 5 minutes. 

It’s also been shown that those with autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s disease may benefit from cooking cruciferous vegetables to prevent ingesting goitrogenic properties found in these types of vegetables.

3. Limit your exposure to environmental toxins:  This can be done simply by eating from plastic containers that do not contain PBA, using household cleaners that are more natural, adding a filter to your shower and your kitchen faucet and using more natural hair products, skin products and even toothpaste. 

Research has also shown that chemicals in products that women use often in their hair including makeup, lipsticks, foundation etc, can cause hormonal imbalances in the body which can cause fibroids and various other health conditions.

4. Simply drinking water through the day can help detoxify the body. Many of us don’t drink the amount of water that we need which is necessary to remove harmful waste products from our body. 

We may think that we are drinking regularly but if you begin to understand the amount that is necessary to eliminate it then you will realize that you are lacking water or are often dehydrated which can lead to toxin overload.

5. Natural herbs and powerful organic foods are excellent as a liver cleanse: Milk thistle, dandelion, hibiscus tea, turmeric, rosemary, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar and honey, and other foods: lemon, lime, cucumber, grapefruit and ginger.  Foods and herbs help the body reduce and eliminate toxins regularly thus improving inflammation and chronic illness.

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