Top Secrets for Collagen Production & Anti-aging Effects

As we age, we notice lines on our forehead, at the sides of our mouth; wrinkles and laugh lines, which are one of the things we don’t want on our face. Also, we feel aches and pains especially in our joints. It is not about we want to hide our age, it’s just that these make us feel not so good about ourselves. Aging is inevitable; all of us will go through the same process. However, there are ways and means to slow down this process, but first we should understand the aging process and its mechanism.

Starting at the age of 25, our body tends to produce lesser amount of collagen – about 15 % less every year. Collagen is a natural protein that is the main component of cartilage, ligaments, and tendons, and the main protein component of bones and teeth. Along with soft keratin, it is accountable for skin potency and elasticity, and the dilapidation of skin which leads to wrinkles that come with aging.

The way our skin looks is directly related to the way our skin is supported. In the mid layer of skin, called the dermis, collagen is made by fibroblast cells; it forms a fibrous network on which new cells can grow. It strengthens blood vessels and plays a role in tissue development. This is why broken bones can regenerate and wounds can heal. It is present in the cornea and lens of the eye in crystalline form. This is also used in cosmetic surgery and burns surgery.

Collagen treatment or Replacement Therapy efficiently takes away most signs of aging and brings back your youthful face once again. The natural appearance of your skin maybe enhanced as the curve of the support structure is restored. Depending on the amount of sun damage, age, and skin condition, the treatment program will be tailored to incorporate your individual needs.

The collagen in human skin is very much alike to the one found in certain animals. As a result, animal collagen has many medical applications. Heat valves used during surgery are also made of collagen. Inject-able bovine collagen is made of sterile, purified collagen from cow’s skin. Human collagen implants are highly purified and isolated from human skin grown in a laboratory. Skin cells are grown primarily to manufacture living skin-equivalents needed for treating burns and ulcers.

Collagen has been extensively used in cosmetic surgery and certain skin substitutes for burns patient. And it is good to know that there is a therapy for burns cases. Just imagine what will happen to these patients if no remedy can be done to improve their situation? But, the cosmetic use of collagen is on the way out because there is a fairly high rate of allergic reactions causing protracted redness and these reactions require noticeable patch testing prior to cosmetic use.

Also, most medical collagen is derived from cows, posing the risk of transmitting diseases. The patient’s own fat or hyaluronic acid is readily available as substitute for collagen.

Collagen supplements are still in use in the construction of artificial skin substitutes used in the management of severe burns. These maybe bovine or porcine and are used in combination with silicone, glycosaminoglycans, fibroblasts, growth factors, and other substances.

There are two collagen types used in pills for arthritis, Type I collagen and Type II collagen. Type I collagen restores cartilage, therefore, reducing the pain and stiffness caused by the breakdown of these vital tissues and also improves mobility of the joints as new cartilage is made. Type II collagen is actually a protein that is lost in the stiffening and breakdown process, which is why it is important for arthritis patients to take collagen Type II supplements to ensure that collagen Type I has something to build on.

Anyone who is suffering from the devastating pain that arthritis brings about, it is important to find safe and effective pills for arthritis. Studies and the resulting evidence shows that collagen pills for arthritis are absolutely the first step going to the direction of finding a cure for arthritis.

Natural collagen supplements that can improve:

  1. Arthritic pain
  2. Osteoarthritis
  3. Skin vitality
  4. Prevention of bone loss
  5. Promote sustainable heart health
  6. Increase muscle mass
  7. Improve digestive health
  8. Strengthen hair and nails
  9. Increases metabolism for weight loss

Collagen supplements on the market to assist with your anti-aging wellness:

1. Vitamin C: Is known for its potent antioxidants that can help improve the appearance of skin and its texture. Vitamin C can stimulate collagen to be produced which time significantly reduces fine lines brought about by environmental stressors, pollution and other toxins.

2. Bovine Collagen: Contains 18 amino acids and has a great source of Proline and glycine. These components can help produce DNA and RNA strands. These strands help the body function optimally. Bonine collagen can help with insomnia, gastrointestinal wellness, arthritis joint pain, increase vitality and energy throughout the day.

3. Zinc: This is an essential trace mineral that can boost the immune system function and cyst with wound healing.

4. Health organic super foods: Healthy organic super foods are the best kept secret for anti-aging secrets.

Some of the best foods for maintaining a youthful body from the inside out includes:

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Blueberries
  • dark chocolate
  • Oranges, lemons and limes
  • Olives, olive oil
  • Turmeric
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Ghee
  • Carrots
  • Avocados, avocado oil
  • Leafy greens
  • Lean beef and fatty fish

There are many natural supplements on the market now that can really make an impact on anti-aging, which contains all of the natural arthritis relieving nutrients, and other special components to help lessen inflammation, swelling, and stiffness, as well as protect the joints and long lasting pain relief.

For someone in pain this can be a dilemma especially when there needs to be immediate pain relief. Reaching for over-the-counter medication or prescription drugs may be tempting but why not resort to a more natural approach around your health and wellness when it comes to your anti-aging program.

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