3 Simple Shifts to Turn Negative Thoughts Positive, and Live a More Meaningful Life

There are countless ways to go down the rabbit hole, spiraling all the way down and never recovering. In alternative medicine, this is actually related to physical, emotional and mental health and well-being.

This type of spiral can affect who we are on a physical level, and is why diseases develop when we suffer grief or some other painful situation or trauma.

I went into alternative medicine because it focuses on the emotional and mental aspects of who we really are.

Your emotional health is important for overall wellness. I can relate to this from my own experiences during my medical rotations as a student. After I graduated, I realized how important the emotional aspect was from a general health standpoint. We didn’t study emotional health at a deep level in medical school. We focused mainly on the physical aspect of our patients’ health.

Even students going through medical school at that time in my life were also having a hard time with their emotional well-being. School can be very difficult when taking 12 -13 courses per semester. Then I saw that medication didn’t really alleviate all my emotional and physical symptoms, but yoga did! That’s why it’s essential to get to the root of your chronic conditions.

Here are three simple ways to turn these negative thoughts into positive ones, so you can really start to transform your life.

1. Consider Individualized Homeopathic Remedies

What I love about my homeopathic practice is that I can really take it to a deeper level for my clients. Homeopathy takes everything into account. That’s what I love about this modality/alternative practice. All the homeopathic remedies focus on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being through individualized care. More importantly, it can really affect the vital force (the true essence of who we really are). The experiences that you go through in life, if they are not dealt with or handled the correct way, can lead to detrimental problems later on in life. For example, an individual might lose their way due to physical illness, grief, pain or the loss of a loved one. Have you ever noticed that this can actually change someone’s demeanor? This is why:

  • When this occurs our vibrational energies change in many different ways. This is why when you go to a hospital to visit someone, you feel the pain that everyone is going through because they’re all giving off their own negative vibrations.

  • The body can release mechanical vibrations that occur at a low frequency. These vibrational frequencies are connected to our heartbeat and blood flow as well as respiratory movements.

Don’t be afraid to go down the road to alternative medicine. It is your your body and therefore your choice. If you’re not getting the results you want through standard care, then consider a different option such as individualized homeopathy from a homeopathic practitioner.

2. Believe in Yourself

Negative thoughts come from not believing in yourself. It’s important to evaluate your emotional state regularly to improve your mindset. Yes, we’ve started from nowhere while somebody else started in a better position. But it’s your mentality and how deep you’re willing to go that overcomes life’s challenges. You’re the only one standing in your own way! I encourage you to be unstoppable in your quest towards health and wellness, and that’s the most important concept to understand. What it takes to really be successful in your overall wellness is to have the right mental attitude.

  • No matter what you’re going through, it’s important to take baby steps. Begin slowly. Then transition into a faster pace when it comes to your health and wellness. I’ve heard my clients saying that they can’t make this change, but I always urge them to start small and gradually build up.

3. Understand who you are

Your unique self gives you insight on how to approach your own negative thoughts. Example: If you’re a pessimist or a black-and- white thinker, then it’s important to come at it from a different way of viewing your situation. Think outside of your own brain, so that you can determine whether your thoughts are limiting or empowering beliefs.

  • Mindfulness and meditation have transformed my life. I used to be an emotional reactor. Now, before reacting, I have the ability to think before reacting, which creates a much more relaxed and empowering atmosphere around me, encouraging me to take more risks and believe in a successful outcome.

We are our own experience. However, we can create our own life journey, making it exactly what we want! Choose to ignore your insecurities and weaknesses! Instead, build yourself up to face your fears and believe in yourself again! Because you can! Don’t be afraid to face your fears!

Now look toward to the joyous journey ahead!

Camille McClellan, MD, DNM, MBS
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