Homeopathy for Hormonal Imbalance & Chronic Conditions

Alternative medicine has been around for centuries. It is also a fantastic option for women, especially if you are going through different things like hormonal imbalances or even menopause. I have studied Homeopathy for quite some time and I’m very passionate about it. Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that really resonates with me and I understand it extremely well. Natural medicine has been around since the dawn of man. Obviously, there were no drug companies back then. Effective remedies originally came from plants. Eventually, mankind came to refine those plants/herbs into concentrated forms for more effectiveness. Then came laboratories, research, and over-the-counter medications which are, of course, based on plant chemistry. Conventional medicine then became the norm with acute care pharmaceuticals, and that’s where we find ourselves today. However, our bodies work better with natural approaches because it builds on itself and plant medicine naturally sustains us. It doesn’t work against us. This is why I chose to go into alternative medicine even though I was originally in standard care medicine or conventional medicine. I chose this routebecase it was and still is my saving grace to improving my overall wellness on a day-to-day basis. I’m really passionate about bringing alternative medicine to the forefront especially to women who are suffering with long-term conditions but you can’t find other options for your chronic conditions, you’ve lost your way and you’ve lost your voice. This is what my alternative practice is built on today! The subtle yet effective dosing of homeopathy is very powerful to your body. It has definitely less side effects as well. Even though homeopathy is controversial at the moment, I enjoy and embrace controversial matters. I love things that people don’t often understand. Homeopathy is complex yet mysterious! The world is full of complexities, it’s up to us to break those barriers and unfold these matter, understand them and then draw rational conclusions from the world in general. Don’t be afraid to do things that other people aren’t willing to do for their health. It is also important to understand that it’s okay to go down a path or go down the road that other people aren’t willing to go. That just makes you a human being, looking for your journey and searching for your truth. What I love about homeopathy and herbal medicine is that it goes against the grain. I’m a firm believer in not following the crowd. It’s important for you to address your health concerns the way that is necessary for you as a unique individual. Homeopathy is fantastic for women today, especially if it is a long-standing condition and you have no other option or another path to take. I say open the door and walk down that path and choose something such as homeopathy which is safe, gentle and effective. It’s important to try something first rather than having an aversion to it. In order to familiarize yourself with alternative medicine it is beneficial to take the medicine by trying it, rather than making an impulsive assumption about this modality. A good example of this is making a decision about someone that you don’t know. However, if you attend a dinner party and sit down with their family and take some time to get to know them, then you can make a more rational decision about them. It’s better to not make harsh judgements about something that you don’t know much about and it has minimal dosing meaning that it can actually stimulate the body’s response to immune system. Homeopathy rebuild your immune system in a very gentle effective way. It also addresses your mental and your emotional and physical symptoms through an individualized system. This is something that conventional medicine does not provide for you. It focuses on one part of the body system. What’s fantastic about alternative medicine is that it focuses on the entire realm of what’s going on with the entirely individual. Since you are a very unique individual homeopathy can also be combined with other holistic approaches. Also it can be combined with conventional medicine. Remember, it’s very important to talk to your physician or your holistic health provider before trying alternative medicine. I would also recommend not trying homeopathy on your own. It’s always important to reach out to a homeopathic professional who knows how to handle these problems and long-standing chronic conditions cases. Homeopathy provides all of these solutions and more importantly allows you to take your health back into your own hands. When you are faced with a long-standing condition that isn’t improving, then consider another approach such as an alternative medicine like homeopathy. The foundation of this model of health addresses many levels of wellness that can be rectified by stimulating the body’s vital response. Get inspired, and get to know Homeopathy! The reason it can be combined with other holistic approaches is because it’s safe, effective and extremely gentle on the body. Camille McClellan, MD, DNM, MBS Naturopathic practitioner McClellan Natural Health, Wellness & Nutrition Free Naturopathic/Homeopathic Consults Available

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